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Addressing Thyroid Conditions through a Multifaceted Approach

A holistic approach to addressing thyroid conditions encompasses more than simply modifying dietary preferences. It involves incorporating a range of lifestyle changes that promote overall well-being.

These changes encompass adopting proper sleep hygiene practices, implementing effective food planning strategies, consuming meals at appropriate times throughout the day, ensuring optimal intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and prioritising stress management techniques.

In Australia, approximately 50 per cent of individuals with thyroid conditions remain undiagnosed, with women being ten times more likely to be affected than men are.

Hypothyroidism is the most prevalent type of thyroid condition, often exhibiting symptoms that can be mistakenly attributed to menopause or depression. Shared symptoms, such as fatigue, unexplained weight gain, brain fog, low libido, and aches and pains, can potentially correspond to numerous other medical conditions, further complicating an accurate diagnosis.

Lucy Herron, CEO of The Lucy Rose Clinic, said it's important for patients to investigate their health issues further when exhibiting these symptoms and to arrange comprehensive testing.

"The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped hormonal gland that controls all the body's processes, like the metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, digestion, cell maintenance, cognitive development and muscle movement," Ms Herron said.

“Maintaining a healthy level of scepticism plays a significant role when consulting your GP and it is critical for individuals to approach all treatments, including conventional medicines, with a degree of scepticism before initiating them as well.

"Iodine supplementation has been well researched for example and it is our number one treatment at The Lucy Rose Clinic."

However, Ms Herron explained it is not as simple as taking a supplement over the counter.

"To truly improve thyroid hormone production dosing varies according to what the individual’s iodine status is."

A urinary iodine loading excretion test is performed over 24 hours to discover an individual’s levels.

"Taking small amounts of iodine if you are hypothyroid can lead to serious health consequences. A patient needs to know their thyroid status before taking supplements.”

Naturopaths are trained to use nutrients for therapeutic purposes and at The Lucy Rose Clinic; they have achieved a 91 per cent success rate in aiding patients with thyroid conditions.

"We have treated more than 30,000 people and tracked their results," Ms Herron said.

"When we see people that are early in the disease progression, the holistic therapies and treatments may be all they need to correct thyroid function. On the other hand, ones who have had a partial or full thyroidectomy or who have been on conventional medicine for some time are recommended to stay on their medicine while we work with them to improve their health."

"Results are very good working collaboratively with both methods of healthcare," she said.

This multifaceted approach to the health of an individual’s thyroid can help support optimal functioning of their bodies.

“We’ve seen time and again how easy it is for people who are living with a chronic illness to fly under the radar. It’s all too easy in this busy fast-paced life to put symptoms to the side and assume there is no serious cause for concern,” Ms Herron said.

“We encourage Australians, particularly women, who are suffering from symptoms that could indicate a thyroid condition to reach out and speak to an expert practitioner.”

For more information, contact The Lucy Rose Clinic

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