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Winter can be a Time For a Solitary Sadhana

Practicing yoga and meditation in solitude can be a deeply enriching experience. I find that the ambrosial hours or the "golden hours," as some of you may call them, provide a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for introspection and focus.

My practice most mornings is usually without the aid of external sources like YouTube videos or Facebook Live because I feel it allows me to connect more intimately with my own mind, body, and breath. It enables me to explore the movement between the transitions from one pose to another and feel into my inner landscape. I don’t turn on any lights, just the glow of the fire provides atmosphere and most mornings I don’t play any music until I finish my Sadhana. For me, this helps cultivates a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Winter can be a wonderful time to start a yoga practice or Sadhana or deepen your existing one. The introspective nature of winter aligns well with the reflective and contemplative aspects of yoga.

One thing I love about my early morning Sadhana is being able to practice in the comfort of my own home and having the freedom to wear what I want, like cosy warm track pants and a jumper.

I also keep a blanket or a dressing gown nearby for added warmth during meditation or Savasana.

There is no right or wrong way to practice yoga and meditation. What matters most is that you find a practice time and space that resonates with you and brings you a sense of peace and fulfilment.

However, there are times when I feel I need guidance or inspiration. It’s times like these when I explore other resources like YouTube or Facebook Live or local yoga and meditation classes if there are any close by. These can complement a solitary practice while still allowing you to maintain the peaceful atmosphere you cherish in the morning. Trusting your own intuition and allowing yourself to be fully present in each moment to know what you need on a daily basis can make your practice even more powerful.

The main thing, of course, is to enjoy your yoga and meditation journey.

May it continue to bring you inner harmony, peace and growth.

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